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Seafood is in any case very thin material, and their use in the preparation of dishes is associated with certain risks. These risks can be many and, in particular, they are associated with prolonged or improper storage of products, which can lead to their deterioration, and then they will become dangerous to the consumer. Fortunately, sushi raw materials are usually delivered in machines with refrigerators, and the fish, shellfish and other things are subjected to instant freezing, which allows you to save maximum nutrients and nutrients, and eliminate the risk of food spoilage.

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However, there are other problems. So, some people try to avoid Japanese cuisine just because it sometimes uses completely raw ingredients co se s nmi stane v telocvicne crossfit and it is believed that they can be infected with pinworms or other parasites. People are scared and ordering sushi for free – they think about the quality of such offers, and even having lunch in serious Japanese cuisine establishments, where it would be illogical to encounter quality problems, visitors ask this question. Let’s consider this question in more detail.

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It is virtually impossible to get infected, since Japanese cuisine involves the use of sea fish and seafood, while freshwater fish can be infected with parasites. So for the most part this moment can be considered a prejudice.

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Parasites do not live in marine products, and this makes them safe for humans – you can even buy raw red fish of good quality, fresh and make yourself a cut in the Japanese style – no unpleasant consequences will arise.

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There can only be problems in the sanitary condition of the institution, because pinworm eggs and other parasites can be taken not only from any product, but also from the hands of personnel who do not comply with hygiene standards, from tables that are poorly washed and processed. So if it comes to ordering food in an institution where cooks work without gloves zdrowie i treningi muscle, and hygiene becomes a big question, then you can get infected from rolls, from any pie, and a bowl of soup.

other parasites

If you order food in a serious institution, in a large chain cafe, which has been operating for several years and has a good reputation, then you will not have to face any problems. And if you still have doubts – order rolls not with raw, but with salted or otherwise processed fish.

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