How to increase testosterone in the body without pharma increase testosterone

How to increase testosterone in the body without pharma

Hello my dear readers and blog subscribers, and today we will talk, so to speak, about the sore point. Namely, how to increase testosterone levels and gain muscle mass easily, and not fight for months for every kilogram of muscle mass..

I will tell you about the limits of natural testosterone production, as well as the various popular ways to stimulate testosterone production without pharmacology. Why do I focus on the natural secretion of growth hormone without pharma? It’s simple, I am for a healthy lifestyle and I perfectly understand that if you do not set yourself the prohormone warehouse legit goal of participating in powerlifting or bodybuilding championships, then pharmacology is simply useless to you. After all, it’s one thing to turn your body into a source of income, putting your whole life on it, and quite another, to train with the goal of healing and forming a beautiful body during this very life.

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Moreover, the use of an artificial source of testosterone from the outside strongly affects the body’s own natural secretion, which significantly reduces the « native » level of growth hormone. As a result, with prolonged use of anabolic steroids, your body will simply stop producing testosterone on its own, and you will have to take them all your life, not so much in order to be strong, as in order to simply remain a man. That is why I will tell you only about the ways to increase testosterone in the body naturally, namely by:

– Correct diet;

– Sleep mode;

– Normalization of intimate life;

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– Taking additional products that increase the secretion of testosterone.

So, if you’re ready to become a real growth hormone machine, then let’s go!

Testosterone in the body and how to stimulate its production

Let’s start with the fact that in a few sentences I will list the factors necessary for the normal production of testosterone in the body and tell you about those elements of everyday life with which you block this very production.

How to increase testosterone in the body without pharma growth hormone

Improper nutrition: any plastic food, canned food, chips, sugary and carbonated drinks, chocolates, sugar, fatty foods and even bread – reduce testosterone production. Of course, you can say that this decrease is insignificant, but believe me, in total, unhealthy nutrition inhibits the production of hormones by almost two times.!

Lack of sleep teen bodybuilding tips and stress: testosterone in the body is produced to a greater extent during the rest period, since its main function is anabolic. In other words, it is responsible for recovery and reproduction in our body. Accordingly, if you sleep less than eight hours a day and are worried about and without reason, then your testosterone level drops in direct proportion.

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Irregular Sex Life: Oddly enough, our sexual activity directly affects the level of testosterone production in the body. Studies have shown that if there is no place for a natural sexual principle in your rhythm of life, then only this factor steroids online usa cuts testosterone levels more than twice. By the way, the same applies to especially zealous figures of the intimate front..

But these were only negative aspects, having told you about which, I wanted to first of all show you that in the modern rhythm of life it is extremely difficult to maintain a stable level of testosterone in the body, if you do not take care of yourself, do not follow the regime and indulge in excesses. But even if you take into account all of the above nuances and lead a healthy lifestyle, it will just return your testosterone back to normal. So what you need to do in order to increase your testosterone?

Rule Producto Mejor Que La Viagra # 1. Live in a natural biorhythm. Get up at six, go to bed at nine or ten. This is the optimal time to sleep and rest..

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Rule # 2. Power is in meat! Red meats can increase testosterone by two and a half times for more than 24 hours.

Rule # 3. Start your morning with a jog and a contrast shower. If you follow this rule, your natural peak hormone production will only increase with age..

Rule # 4. Train! It’s funny that most often it is athletes who wonder about increasing testosterone, although they already have it higher than that of the average person..

Rule # 5. Substitute honey for sugar. Honey has a natural function to positively influence the secretion of a wide variety of hormones, including growth hormone.

Rule # 6. Tabaco Impotencia Avoid white bread and eat more nuts. Recent studies have shown that white bread also negatively affects testosterone in the body, while a tablespoon of nuts eaten can increase its secretion by one and a half times for a short period.!



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